90th Anniversary Steamboat Willie Overalls

90th Anniversary Steamboat Willie Overalls


Celebrating 90 years of our favorite Mouse! These all new overalls are in honor of the 90th birthday of our favorite cartoon and are perfect to rock around the parks or in your street style looks.

Material: Denim

Model wears size 28.

Size Guide:

Size 25: Waist 25 inches, Hips 33 inches

Size 26: Waist 26 inches, Hips 34 inches

Size 27: Waist 27 inches, Hips 35 inches

Size 28: Waist 28 inches, Hips 36 inches

Size 29: Waist 29 inches, Hips 37 inches

Size 30: Waist 30 inches, Hips 38 inches


To preserve the quality of this piece, we suggest that it be hand washed in cold water.

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