RARE Vintage 1992 Apparence Disneyland Paris 101 Dalmatians Faux Fur Coat

RARE Vintage 1992 Apparence Disneyland Paris 101 Dalmatians Faux Fur Coat



This is an incredibly rare Vintage 1992 Apparence Disneyland Paris faux fur coat. This coat is from Disneyland Paris’ 1992 park opening and only a few exist in the world. Made of the highest quality faux fur and features an amazing print with Disney’s dalmatians throughout the coat. Everything about this coat is show-stopping. This is a piece that you treasure and keep in your wardrobe forever. Can’t emphasize enough how rare and absolutely stunning this coat is.

All pieces in our Vintage Marketplace are one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that we have found on our international trips hunting for the best vintage in the world. Our Vintage Marketplace is filled with nostalgic pieces from different eras. All pieces in our marketplace are pre-loved and have gone on their own journey. Vintage pieces are special because they come with history.


Tag: Apparence Paris Walt Disney Productions

63% Acrylic, 37% Cotton

Care: Dry Clean Only

This is a vintage item: vintage items may have imperfections due to the fact that they are pre-owned and decades old. All photos are unedited and un-retouched. Please view the photos for the perfect imperfections made previously by other Disney lovers.

There is slight discoloration/staining on the lining of the coat due to the piece being decades old. This is not seen from the outside.


Bust: 44 inches

Waist: 46 inches

Length: 35 inches

Sleeve: 25 inches

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